Holiday Foods to Avoid This Season

November 30, 2022

healthy holiday teethSpreading holiday cheer through sugary sweets in one holiday tradition we all enjoy, but maybe a bit too much!

This season, we want to make sure you enjoy your holiday with a balanced selection of healthy alternatives that will promote good oral hygiene. Let’s take a look at how you can roll into the new year with a strong, healthy smile.

Foods to Limit at Holiday Parties

Caramel: We all love a warm, sticky piece of caramel, but this gooey foe has no plan to increase your oral health. In fact, chewy candies like caramel stick to your teeth, creating more work for you to reduce the germs in your mouth.

Eggnog: There is nothing better than a yummy beverage to comfort you in chilly weather; however, you may want to reconsider! Unfortunately, eggnog is filled with cream and alcohol, which can do some major damage to your chompers.

Not only does will this sugary substance make oral bacteria jump for joy, the alcohol will dehydrate your salivary glands. Your salivary glands are healthy when they are working to produce saliva, don’t make them struggle to do their job!

Candy Canes: Even though this sugary snack is hard to avoid, you should try! The sugar content invites bacteria to thrive.

Carbonated Drinks: Bubbly drinks are a fun addition to every celebration. But when carbon dioxide from soda or champagne is mixed with your saliva, it creates an acid that is harmful to your enamel.

Feel Free to indulge in These Holiday Treats

Bowls of nutsNuts: These nutrient-rich friends can actually scrub plaque off of your teeth as you chew- a great snack to consume when your mouth is in need of cleansing!

Turkey: This tasty staple is welcomed to the table during the holidays; it is packed with protein and phosphorous, which will keep your mouth strong and healthy.

Veggies: Our mouths love chewy, nutritious foods because they produce saliva, which hydrates and cleans our mouths. Opt for a serving of veggies after every meal!

Cheese: Cheese is rich in calcium and contains antibacterial qualities that will reduce decay and promote a balanced pH level in our mouth.

We Wish You a Happy, Healthy Holiday!

We understand that it’s difficult to stay away from holiday treats altogether, but limiting your consumption is best. Just remember, brush your teeth 30 minutes after any special holiday snacks. Happy holidays!