Bridges and Crowns in Firestone, CO

Restore Your Smile With Bridges & Crowns

Dental Crown

A broken tooth is a serious matter and most of our patients want a solution that looks beautiful and functions comfortably. Dr. Lere had advanced training in designing and creating beautiful, life-like dental crowns that will protect and stabilize your tooth for many, many years. He performs dental crown and bridge procedures daily and utilizes advancements in materials and technology that allow him to use all-ceramic restorations without compromising the strength of his restorations.

When Do You Need Bridges or Crowns?

You may be a good candidate for these cosmetic solutions if you:

  • Have broken teeth
  • Have deep decay
  • Need a filling replacement
  • Had a tooth extraction
  • Had a root canal 
  • Are experiencing bite issues
  • Want a better appearance

Ready for Your Bridge or Crown?

If you have damaged or broken teeth, there’s a number of cosmetic options that we can offer, including implants and veneersContact our Firestone dental office to get started. We look forward to restoring the health, comfort, and beauty of your smile.