Dentures in Firestone, CO

You Should Feel Comfortable in Your Dentures


The replacement of some or all of your teeth can be life changing. Dr. Lere has been creating improved smiles with dentures and partial dentures for over eight years and would be happy to discuss your specific needs and the options that are available to you, including dental implants, to help hold your partial denture or complete denture in place.

Missing teeth can make eating and talking more difficult, not to mention how you might feel about smiling with missing teeth. All dentures are not created equally, however. Because Dr. Lere has additional training in full-mouth cases and occlusion (your bite), he is better equipped to provide you with outstanding results.

Types of Dentures

We offer two types of dentures to provide you with the best choice for your teeth: partial and complete dentures.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

If you are missing some of your teeth, we may recommend partial dentures to complete your chewing surface and your smile. Partial dentures use your natural teeth as an anchor to hold your partial in place. We will match your denture teeth to your existing teeth so that your smile looks realistic.

Having your partial checked at your exams is important. Your bite may change over time, and your partial may require periodic adjustments to keep functioning optimally.

Complete Dentures

Full Dentures

You don’t have to worry about the big, bulky, fake looking dentures of the past. Today’s dentures are more realistic and attractive than ever. Now we combine function and aesthetics to provide you with outstanding results. Because of Dr. Lere’s continuing education on full mouth cases, he is able to provide our patients with results you never thought possible.

If you have ill-fitting or old dentures that move around when you chew and speak, call our Firestone, CO dental office for an evaluation. We can outline your treatment options to increase your quality of life.

Denture Replacements

If your old dentures are no longer fitting, then it might be time to get them replaced. It’s recommended that you replace them every 3-8 years. Dr. Lere will make sure your dentures still fit your correctly and can replace them when needed.

Interested in Getting Dentures in Firestone?

Whether your current dentures aren’t fitting right anymore or you haven’t explored dentures as a potential option, we can help! We’ll make sure you leave our Firestone CO dentist office feeling comfortable and confident. Schedule an appointment with us.