Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

September 22, 2020

Wisdom teeth structure Wisdom teeth are the extra molars that grow in during your late teen and early adult years. Over a thousand wisdom teeth removal surgeries are performed every year. So why do we have wisdom teeth if they usually need to be removed?

The Purpose of Wisdom Teeth

The privilege of going to a grocery store and buying pre-made processed food is a newer luxury. Our ancestors had to hunt and gather their meals, meaning their diets consist of harder and more dense food than we are used to today.

The jaw is similar to all other muscles in the body, it grows the more you use it. When you eat hard and dense food, like our ancestors, your jaw is going to grow larger than normal. This created the space for wisdom teeth to grow in and be put to use on the harder food.

Now that we aren’t using our jaw in the same way, we no longer have the room (or need) for wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom tooth pain is felt in the back of your mouth behind your last tooth. Wisdom teeth are known to shift your existing teeth making their own room to grow in. Sometimes wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning they growing in sideways, and rarely they grow in straight. If you’re starting to experience wisdom tooth pain be sure to visit your dentist. We can take X-rays here at Mountain Shadows Dental to determine the best option for your wisdom teeth.